Jack’s wife Freda

Hmmmm lets start by saying how I looove restaurants with communal table. I love it how you can share a meal with a stranger without really sharing it. You get to have little convos with people that you wouldn’t usually have. Jack’s wife Freda(Manhattan, New York)  is my little Soho Gem. Every thing about there made …


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Crab Bisque.

Hmmm Crab bisque, everything sea food makes me dream. I always see myself at the beach, under the sun sipping coconut water( MY FAVORITE!) How did I know I wanted to try this recipe? Well on a friday afternoon, I was at my cousin’s apartment looking at a recipe book and all I really wanted … Continue reading Crab Bisque.

Welcome to my kitchen

Hello everyone, my name is Krystel and I am a passionate home cook. I am from Haiti and moved to the United states(Florida) in 2011. My first year here, all I knew how to do was pouring cereal & milk, boiling an egg, and cook mac & cheese that tasted like “Im hungry, I WILL have … Continue reading Welcome to my kitchen